Project Overview

Below are the projects we are currently working on.

T-Shirt Cannon

Current T-shirt cannon project

The robotics team is looking for members to help create a working T-shirt cannon.

Arcade Cabient

Current Arcade CABINET Project

Three new dedicated members, Ryan, Yessica, and Linus, are looking for other members to devote time to making a working arcade cabinet.

Portable Charges for ASU Aspiring

Past Portable Charger Project

The Robotics team has successfully finished the portable charger project for ASU Aspiring. We hope to be a part of many more projects like this!

Clamp Stand

Past Clamp pROJECt

Our officer Steven, showed the freshmen of 2017 how to use saws and drills, where they put together a stand for the team's new clamps.

robot (2).jpg

Robot Chassis


Our team built a robot chassis that we purchased, and it was the very first robot out team at successfully built during the first year as a FRC team. Its function is simple which is to turn and move forward.


Business Plan

bussinnesssss (1).png

Modeling Software


Want to know more about robotics, who we are and our plan for the future?


Tinkercad is 3D modeling software that is recommended for members with limited to no experience with 3D modeling.


Robot assmebly Tutorials


Checkout these tutorials to strengthen your skills for building our team's robot.

Learn More

Learn More

Blue Alliance

Visit our Blue Alliance page to see FRC stats.

First Inspires Resource Library


The first inspires website has everything to be informed on the rules and how do things on the robot.

Robot Videos