LA Regional Practice Day


Rookie All Star

FRC Robot 



These prototypes show the designs of our motorized arms. The mechanical arms are able to pick up the box and the six motorized wheels are used to fit it perfectly in place with the robot.

Arm Prototype (Right) 

Arm Prototype (Angle)

Arm Prototype (Front)

Arm Prototype (Back)


Everyday, excluding Sundays, we work on building our robot for competition using power tools, metal, wood and other materials.

Robot Build

We have made excellent progress on the robot chassis, lift, and bumpers. Each day we work as much as we can, we always make the robot priority, excluding academic work. 


Electric Diagram


Daily Log




Wednesday, January 24th, 2018


Today we started to make the prototype for the lift.  We also started thinking of ways to make the bumper.  We cut a bracket, drilled two holes, then drilled into the bumper.  Then we put bolts on the chassis and nuts to hold the bolt ot make fast switching.  We had to file holes on the bracket because it didn’t reach.  Finally, the bracket reached and the bumper was in place.


Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018


Today we cut the front end of the chassis to make it easier to pick up the power cubes, we cut the ends to 6”. We also started figuring out how to reverse engineer and modify a lift mechanism kit from Andymark to make it a three level and find out how it works regularly without actually having the kit.  We came up with a rough prototype of the arm and lift mechanism.


Monday, January 22nd, 2018


Today we started prototyping the power cube intake mechanism by measuring angles along the bars that will hold the wheels to grab and spit out the cases.  They will start as a slightly less than 90* angle, then extend to about 110*  on one side, and 80* on the other.  Then we cut out holes where these V channels (for holding the wheels) and the channel (for connecting these two together and to the lift).