Project Overview

Below are the projects we are currently working on.

T-Shirt Cannon

Current T-shirt cannon project

The robotics team is looking for members to help create a working T-shirt cannon.

Arcade Cabient

Current Arcade CABINET Project

Three new dedicated members, Ryan, Yessica, and Linus, are looking for other members to devote time to making a working arcade cabinet.

Portable Charges for ASU Aspiring

Past Portable Charger Project

The Robotics team has successfully finished the portable charger project for ASU Aspiring. We hope to be a part of many more projects like this!

Clamp Stand

Past Clamp pROJECt

Our officer Steven, showed the freshmen of 2017 how to use saws and drills, where they put together a stand for the team's new clamps.

robot (2).jpg

Robot Chassis


Our team built a robot chassis that we purchased, and it was the very first robot out team at successfully built during the first year as a FRC team. Its function is simple which is to turn and move forward.