World Championship Houston 2019


2019 AZ West Regional

2019 LA North Regional

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FRC Robot 2019: Coming Soon

 Workshop 2019

 Building for the Competition 2019


2018 LA Regional Practice Day

Rookie All Star/ Rookie Inspiration

Rookie All Star award.

Rookie All Star award left, Rookie Inspiration award right.

Rookie All Star award left, Rookie Inspiration award right.

We were able to earn Rookie All-Stars in the Los Angeles, California regional robotics competition as well as the Rookie Inspiration award at the AZ West Regional, hosted in Phoenix, Arizona. As a result, we earned a spot to compete at the World Championships held in Houston, Texas. As a team, we’ve done so much for the spirit of gracious professionalism which we feel made a large impact on other teams.

2018 FRC Robot: Arms

These prototypes show the designs of our motorized arms. The mechanical arms are able to pick up the box and the six motorized wheels are used to fit it perfectly in place with the robot.

Arm Prototype (Right)

Arm Prototype (Angle)

Arm Prototype (Front)

Arm Prototype (Back)

Workshop 2018

Everyday, excluding Sundays, we work on building our robot for competition using power tools, metal, wood and other materials.

Building for the Competition 2018

During FRC build season, we work hard to build the robot’s chassis, lift, and bumpers. We also build mock ups of parts of the field, player stations, and prototypes.