Our mission…

“To empower the Phoenix Metro youth to break barriers and realize their full potential by providing opportunities in their community.”
— -Python Robotics Team 6833

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, we are the Python Robotics team. Established through the Phoenix Coding Academy, Pythons Robotics was founded by the first 9th grade class of the newly opened school in 2016. We previously participated in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC team#11578), and currently in FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC team#6833), as well as in various engineering projects and coding events.

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Our team is comprised of students from Phoenix Coding Academy, interested students from Central High School, and students in the community who do not have access to a robotics program otherwise. Coding is a small specialty school within the Phoenix Union High School District. The team builds in the school’s makerspace, which is a workshop space designed for all students to learn, create, and innovate. The team consists of approximately 25 students. Our lead mentor Bradley Voracek oversees the club along with two co-mentors Nelson Barba and Rob Mainieri. Former Mentors include George Cardenas, Chrissy Koppe, and an electrical engineer from Boeing

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2019 Arizona West Regional Winner

After coming in last place at the Los Angeles North Regional, we took it as a chance to prove ourselves and we improved and practiced until the next regional. We won along with our alliance captain team 6479, and our other alliance member team 498.

2019 Arizona West Regional Woodie Flowers Finalist AWARD

At the same regional our former mentor, our hero, George Cardenas won the 2019 Woodie Flowers Finalist Award for the Arizona West Regional.


2018 La Regional Rookie All Star Award

At the 2018 LA Regional, we were recognized for our excellency with the Rookie all star award.


2018 Arizona Grand canyon university Rookie Inspiration Award

Our second award, the Rookie Inspiration Award, was won at the Arizona Grand Canyon University Regional.