Houston Championship The Adventure is Not Over!

Rookie All-Star Award – The Adventure is not over

From a regional win in Los Angeles California, the Pythons went home victorious with the Rookie All-Star award. This earned us a spot in the World Championship in Houston but that's far from the end of it, in order to participate we need the funds to get there. Entrance to the Competition itself is nearly half of the total money we need and from where we stand right now, that goal is far off. Help the Phoenix Coding Academy Python Robotics Team 6833 reach the FIRST Robotics World championships in Houston April 19th to 21st ,

Deadline is March 30th and we are nowhere near our goal of $10000






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Rookie All Star Award

  • All throughout March 14th - March 17th the team showed outstanding enthusiasm and effort and got to experience the results of six weeks of hard work during build season. 
  • We made it through all our qualifier matches  with our rank averaging between 15-20.
  • Once qualifiers were done with, we were chosen for an alliance by one of the top 8 teams which allowed us to proceed to the Quarter-Finals.
  • The team tried it's best during these intense matches but we ultimately lost. This was the end of one of our chances to go to the Championships.
  • But there was still hope. At each regional competition, there are only five slots available for teams to move on to the next round of competition which is the Championships in Houston, Texas.
  • The three teams in the winning alliance took three of those five positions moving on to the next round. 
  • The fourth spot went to the team that won the Chairman's Award; an award that the Coding Academy Python Robotics team was ineligible of winning due to their rookie status. 
  • The fifth and final spot was awarded to the recipients of the Rookie All-Star Award.  This award was granted to the rookie team that best exemplified what the FIRST Robotics Competition stands for and has a working robot that met the goals of the competition.  The Phoenix Coding Academy Python Robotics Team 6833 won the Rookie All-Star Award and clinched the final spot for the Championships in Houston.   


Team 6833 has worked hard to get to this point, we have built our first robot for FRC, and we going to LA to compete in the Los Angeles Regional from the 14th to the 17th. Python Robotics would like to welcome everyone unable to join us at the LA regional to watch the live stream of this team's very first competition. We will keep you updated on social media with when the live stream will start. 

2018 First Robotics Competition – Arizona West Regional

Grand Canyon University invites you to the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition – Arizona West Regional: FIRST®POWER UP. During this challenge, two high school team alliances will work to defeat a video game boss and escape an arcade game! Grab your friends and family, and come cheer on the crews at this free and family-friendly event.


Friday, Apr. 6, 2018 to Saturday, Apr. 7, 2018


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Please do what you can to help support our team and the road to the Los Angeles FIRST Robotics regional competition March 14th to 17th. 

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All donations up to $200 for singles or $400 for couples will be credited back to you as a tax credit! The deadline is April 15th if you wish to have your contribution credited for the previous tax year.

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Attn George Cardenas
4445 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85012

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-Team 6833